Teaching Statement

I focus on providing students tools they can use to better understand their role as citizens and to be effective in their profession. I encourage lively discussion to critically assesses research in political science and explore how the findings can be applied to contemporary social problems. In my teaching, I emphasize critical engagement, methodological rigor, and building relationships with students.

Teaching Experience

Instructor of record (Ohio NortherN university)

Fall of 2017: Introduction to American Politics; State and Local Politics

Spring of 2018: Introduction to American Politics, Health Policy, Environmental Politics

  • syllabi coming soon

Instructor of record (Bren school of environmental science and management, ucsb)

  • Master's course on Survey design and environmental public opinion

Teaching assistant (at UCSB)

  • Introduction to American Government
  • Introduction to Political Science Research Methods (5x)
  • Introduction to Political Theory (4x)
  • Political Interest Groups
  • Environmental Politics and Policy
  • Politics of Energy
  • Simulation Congress

Draft syllabi